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The Main hall
wedding set up.jpg

The Main Hall is one of the largest in Cumbria, with a wooden “sprung” floor that attracted people from miles around to local dances … and still does.  It’s also suited for any number of indoor activities, bowls, badminton, bingo, exercise groups, dinners, village school and community gatherings, plays etc.  Normal capacity of 120 seated, 200 standing, (reduced now for Covid mitigation, depending on activity etc)

The Reading Room

The Reading Room is a carpeted, atmospheric meeting room with wood paneling,  fireplace (now decorative) and original oil painting of the halls namesake John Castlehow Toppin.  Normal hire capacity of up to 25, but restricted to half or less w/ Covid mitigation dependent on activity, distancing, vulnerability etc.  

The Kitchen

The kitchen with upgrades in recent years,  has electric hob and stove with fan hood, microwave, usual electric points for electric kettles etc, no dishwasher.  (There is no mains or LPG gas).  There is a large serving hatch into the Reading Room.

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