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***Bouncy Castles, inflatables and trampolines ***

Please note:  the height from floor to the bottom of light fixtures in the Main Hall is: 140

inches, (3.55 meters).  Minimum door dimensions: width/height  (there are 3 sets of double doors going into the main hall, the most restrictive measures:

 52 inches wide x 85 inches high (1.32 Meters x 2.16 meters)


Special requirements for Hirers' Public Liability Extension

Where the stated activity is undertaken by the hirer, the hirer is required as a condition precedent to our liability:



a) if the hirer uses any bouncy castle and/or any other land-based inflatable, to ensure that:

·       access and use is controlled by an adult authorised by the hirer at all times

·       when used outside a building, it is securely anchored to the ground at each anchor point

·       each anchor point is signed, or otherwise marked to be made easily visible, and wrapped to prevent injury

·       soft matting is used to cover hard surfaces adjacent to the front or any open sides where there is a risk of injury from falling from the inflatable.


SPECIAL NOTES RELATING TO BOUNCY CASTLES (not forming part of this policy wording)

Those who use bouncy castles are at an increased risk of injury, particularly children and others who may not be aware of the dangers. Where you provide, or are responsible for, bouncy castles we expect you to take extra care to prevent injuries by making sure measures are put in place that help reduce this risk and our guidelines are:

a)  to follow the manufacturer's or supplier's safety recommendations

b)  requiring children to remove sharp articles like shoes, buckles or jewellery

c)  not allowing overcrowding, particularly by children (to help prevent knocking into each other)

d)  not allowing a mix of large and small children at the same time (to avoid larger children crushing the smaller ones)

e)  not allowing use by adults and children at the same time

f)   not allowing any access to the very youngest children, e.g. under 2 years old.


Page 18 of ANSVAR STMH insurance policy issued 11/10/22 thru 5 Nov 2023  rp

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